yea ... am here to talk about the riot disciplinary punishments and how it is impractical ... ill tell you a little story ... i have 3 accounts one of them got recently premabanned... for being *negative* in only 1 game and just 1 game .... you will ask ..but why be negative why just be positive ... ill tell you why ... because for some reason my first time kayne jungler decided that he will troll my diamond promos knowing that i cant dodge .... so he waited 4 minutes then went afk so we cant remake ...came back at 20 minutes and inted while spamming unlucky in chat and even tho i was negative ...( coz in reality we are humans with feelings that sometimes needs to be expressed ) i havent flamed him ... and i usually dont speak in game ... the games ends with loss offcourse .. but here is the catch ...his premade reports me .. i get banned from instafeedback from just this game other games at all ...he goes on to play his next game freely even tho the enemy team reported him also ..... does taht seem fair or even practical to u guys ? while i sound like am greifing for an account ... am really not ... am just sad that this system turned out this way where if u dont type lol after every comment u type ... u will get banned for being negative ..... i have alot to say ... but i wont coz its not worth ... its just been a while that i wanted to express my self thanks for listening and i hope i get some good thoughts in this post
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