I carried a losing game as support and here's how

https://i.imgur.com/8drvbhE.jpg I've made up my mind to try to climb to gold before season ends maining one-trick Sona and Soraka as a secondary option. The game was going absolutely terribly in the beginning. At around 20 minutes, Akali was 0/0, and Irelia was 0/7. My ADC was something like 2/8, and I was thinking to myself "Oh well, I'll get em in the next game." The enemy was at our base and we hadn't taken any turrets yet. But our ADC said... "We'll get em in late". WOOOW. The moment she said that something just told me to keep on going. The only thing that changed about my gameplay style was that I talked to them. I calmed them down. Mid and Jungle were cussing each other out, but our wombo combos in the end really did it. The jungler even didn't come to Baron with us out of spite but we took it anyways. I told my team "Guys, think of the LP. 10 more minutes of cooperation and you'll never see each other again." In the end my damage was the same as Akali's, but that's not what I aimed for. I had only one mentality in this. "Ward lots, never die, and keep your team alive." We pulled through. I just pushed a little harder than usual. Sometimes I just see these Master/Challenger support mains with 80% winrate in Gold and Plat as support and I'm thinking wow, what are they doing that I'm not? And I'm slowly uncovering it for myself and hopefully I'll reach gold before the season ends. Otherwise I wanted this post to somehow be inspiring a little to you guys to always keep a cool head, ward lots, and never give up!
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