Ban Blog: Day 8 of 14, The good ol days

Hey guys :D back with ban blog and if you are new to reading this then please consider reading from day 1 :D its not a super long read and you might find it interesting but anyways lets begin. **Relaxing day** Honestly my day was so simple Its really hard to really talk about anything so im just gonna say how my day was as honestly this is still a test on my mentality and to be relaxed is a good thing right? Anyways I just practiced some Morde games on my smurf then played some games with my friends I had a lot of fun honestly i was actually laughing while playing league today which is an incredible thing for me i haven't laughed at league for a long time so that was a good sign, other than that my day has been just relaxing and getting ready to get back to work for tomorrow overall i have had a great day **Nostalgia Trips** Nostalgia is a weird feeling and i honestly wasn't expecting myself to feel it tonight however im glad i did as it seems to have lifted my spirit in a way. basically me and my best friend of all time were playing some halo wars 2 co-op campaign and honestly so far the campaign hasn't been great its been pretty boring so far haha however my friend decided we was gonna look up all the past games we played back on halo 3 when we had time to play games all the damn time and honestly it put a big smile on my face just looking back at what the games were cus honestly just looking at the names of the players that were in the custom game made me remember what that exact game was! its incredible how the brain works like that honestly and it turns out my first ever game of halo 3 (online that is) was in 2009! Im getting old....but honestly I will never forget the halo 3 days they were such a big part of my childhood and i will never forget it and it came back today to put a smile on my face, Remembering nothing but happy memories. **My feelings on league as of now** Honestly after the nostalgia of today I realized that league of legends is actually a bigger part to me than i thought it was because honestly league of legends was the game that replaced halo 3 and i didn't notice it until now. the last game i ever played of halo 3 was back in may 2012 and i started playing league of legends in June 2012 so its pretty clear that...i chose league as my next chapter for gaming itself but i completely forgot that and honestly i hope i rekindle the same feeling i had when i first started this game which was nothing but excitement and Joy. right now im happy playing this game but its nothing compared to what it felt like back then Thanks for reading :D if you have came back for even more and followed me the whole way then you are honestly amazing and i cant thank you enough i am almost at the end of this ban journey and i honestly feel like its changed me so much its crazy what a forced but small break can do to the mind. Have fun on the rift guys! i will see you all very soon

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