Does riot do anything about trolls?????

I have kept mouth shut in ranked which by the way is a damn joke worse than last year and here we are again reporting the same old shit and this time there are more trolls, now i have kept my mouth shut because i dont want to get banned for so called flaming but its ok for people to jungle and not help the lanes and feed the enemy jungler no drakes, and yet people throw games i report said people and i get no notification that they got banned so i assume nothing has happened and they are free to ruin other peoples games and waste time in ranked going up and down due to idiots and trolls and throwers this season is a %%%%ing joke and im sick of it already. SORT YOUR DAMN GAME OUT RIOT. Edit i just had another game with two trolls on the bottom lane letting everyone in the team die and then feed themselves and then proceed to steal my farm as im jungling and thats ok is it riot???? your ranked is a damn joke.
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