Permaban in platinum, trolling pillar trundle, fuck dymanic q and here are the logs

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ boosted trundle dont go b before your adc does follow my lead if you insist on picking a bad support lost us an easy lane stop making me miss CS GG report trundle hate trolls why because i tell you what to do? why then why because you troll with trundle supp? im gonna go afk and go cinema PEACE you are trolling me yea what do you want me to do it isn't a bad game my support is hitting me CS and leaving me 2v1 constantly, also picks trundle to pillar me when im trying to recall reported for toxicity reported tribunal is automatic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's the screenshot to prove it's not edited as so many of these are. Yes, he was hitting all my CS, spamming ctrl + 3, and pillaring me when I tried to recall. Pillaring me into Ezreal ult to die. It's sad that Riot will take your skin money, then hit you with a permaban from an automatic system. Why was I banned for this? I was playing with a 4 man premade, which trundle was part of (in plat V, land of trolls), and as the only solo-q player, was 5 man reported. They were flaming me, additionally. I have another account (level 30) but won't be coming back. Fuck season 6, fuck dynamic Q, and fuck what LoL has become. Season 3-5 were great. Peace out.
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