Hashinshin ban isnt justified at all.

I wanna discuss the ban hashinshin got, Alright he went 0/19, But it wasnt intentional. all his deaths were just deaths due to his mistakes, alot of them were huge mistakes ofc, i cant deny that he played really bad, but he did play against the best riven in NA (Adrian) he played a champ he hasnt played before. he got camped by like everyone in that game, he got dived when he returned to lane, but they weren't intentional ya know. ok 0/19 is drastic and really bad and unfun to have on your team. same happened a while back with youmuus, he went tryndamere, fed like crazy (3/18) but actually kinda carried by splitpushing, yet he got banned. i dont even think riot is looking into the games where people get reported. both of these bans were just unjustified. while people can sit in base afk and just type: open X and that will have a lesser chance of getting you banned, if hashinshin just went afk he would not have been banned probably. hashinshin has alot of haters ofcourse, but cmon if this ban happened to one of you guys you would also call it unjustified. i got games where i play horrible, faker has games where he isnt playing at his best, Everyone has their bad games and thats what makes this league community so toxic, people cant accept other people have bad games, and those people act like they are always S+ worthy in every single one of their games.
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