I want to share my most ridiculous experience ever in League of Legends

NOTE: I want to tell beforehand that I tried to post this discussion on reddit, but it got removed every time I posted it so I guess this is the only way I can have people read my situation. At the time of writing, it is 03:45 am in West-Europe and I just made a reddit-account to tell everyone here – as the title states – the most ridiculous experience I have ever witnessed in League of Legends since I started playing this game back in season 3. I am not writing this post to justify any of my actions nor to reach any solution, but I feel like there would be something wrong if I didn’t talk with anyone about this situation. I apologize in advance for my English, since I am not a native English speaker and I am currently writing this in the middle of the night while being very confused and angry at the same time. Now let’s get to the point: My story begins on January 3 at the beginning of the evening on the League of Legends Europe West server. I was playing some ARAM’s with my friends and I was having a good time laughing, winning and losing like many other days till the following happened after an ARAM game: your account has been suspended until 18 January 2019, 00:12 because of abusive, player-reported comms. At first I was confused and I started laughing not knowing what happened and how this occurred. I decided to relog and see what the actual reason behind this was. I got a standard text that sated that I received this penalty because of abusive behaviours in chat- in human terms, this means giving up on games, griefing your fellow players, and generally being difficult to play with over a large number of matches and teammates. Now let me get this straight. I am banned for 14 days on my favourite game, because I said the following: Game 3884211311: [All]Time 2 Lennart: c.hing c.hing c.hong? (I put the dots to be able to see it) That’s right. I am banned for 14 days by being ‘abusive’ in chat in literally 1 game (!) by saying ‘ching %%%%%%%%%%%?’. Why did you say this? you might ask. The reason for that is because there was an Alistar in the enemy team saying a couple sentences a few times in all-chat in Chinese, which I responded to with ‘ching %%%%%%%%%%%’ as in: I can’t understand you, so I make a joke about it to have a fun time. There was no response by the enemy team and the following thing that happened was that I played another ARAM game after this and I received the message that my account got suspended. I don’t want to justify my situation I am currently into but I feel like it’s necessary to say it’s absolutely absurd that I received a ban, because I said this sentence in one game! I’ve been honor level 5 for the last two season and I remember having a honor ribbon before honor level was a thing. If there is someone who isn’t toxic to his teammates and enemies than it’s me. I’ve never ever received a ban (not even chat ban) or ever gotten a single warning that I should not say stuff that people might get offended by. Furthermore, the explanation for my penalty literally states that I was negative and abusive towards other players for MULTIPLE games even though I get honoured very often and I only talk in chat when I feel like having a fun conversation with people and making a moody day better for everyone. Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Asian people! I consider everyone equal and I have friends from different races, political opinions and I had never the intention to be racist towards someone! The fact that I got banned by saying a single sentence which consisted of 3 words (!) is something I would have never considered happening as I have always been nice to everyone and anyone in my league of legends games. I have never cursed someone nor flamed someone for not having their day during ranked games. As you can see people: three words can change everything you’ve built up in League of Legends over the course of over 5 years and that’s why I felt like writing this. Thank you for taking your time to read this whole mess, because I am confused how to react after I have written this. Am I supposed to accept judgement and think it is reasonable to get banned for saying ‘ching %%%%%%%%%%%’ once without any intentions for racism or do I need to speak out and say that all of this was a mistake and that this should be looked over again? Let me know what you think and tell me if you’ve experienced something similar.
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