Demoting after 35min 4v5.

So at the mark of about 5min in game, our Supp went afk. We did not flame him or say anything to him. All he said was: ''afk'' and he went away. We fought for another 35 min in the 4v5. Enemy team said ez or gj or some kind of that stuff everytime they got a kill (even tho we had more kills than them). Than at 40min our nexus got blown and i demote from gold 4 to gold 5. As a player who never flames / rage quits or whatever I think I don't deserve this. Is there anyway Riot will fix this so i wont get demoted this easily... I Really like playing League of Legends and spend too much money on it to stop right now, but honestly, if i keep getting those AFK / Rage quit guys I will Rage Quit from League as well. I hope Riot really does something about this, i heard they will make the remake for the first 3 min..but really..if someone leaves at 10 min in game, its over as well. I understand players will abuse the system if there is no punishment for leaving, but make something that the other 4 persones in the team at least cant demote....this is just insane..{{item:3070}}
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