And they're wondering why this is a dead game

Imagine being trolled through 3 games of your promos and losing all of them cause u're getting inted . My bot lane gets 'autofilled' which by the way he picked support and than troll picks an adc . Bans the shaco which was gonna be picked by our jungler . Than he allegedly accuses the support of stealing his farm which our support had 0 cs at that moment . So he decided to Run it down mid like a douchebag and shares suicidal thoughts about himself (which btw i hope they come true even there's a lot of hatred in it ) Sure i do hate people commiting suicide but this guy has no way of recouvering from this mental state which he is in rn ( A lunatic suicidal ). And now i get banned whilelist he doesn't get banned for saying '%%% ' 'gfys' 'i hope u die '. And i get bannned for telling him to gtfo of my lane . Nice Riot . Real nice . I hope by the end of %%%%ing 2020 this game will be dead .
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