chat restricted system is SO STUPID RITO

when you just want to play normal game and matchmaking gave you total zero jungler who just dont do nothing just spamming chat with ask to report someone when he must stfu and after the game only reporting himself but he spam and asking on his own language enemy team and they said OK and report you after when you dont say any f bad word and answer him only cause he cry and spam chat anyway i dont care if someone will not understand my rage right now on rito Game 1 In-Game Dzyrt: ff 15 Dzyrt: i dont care anymore Dzyrt: u will lose anyway Dzyrt: u zero help Dzyrt: i will too Dzyrt: cry me a river Dzyrt: chogath you silver cause of that Dzyrt: you 15 minute do nothing Dzyrt: than ask to report Dzyrt: than ask to play we can win Dzyrt: all you can do cry Dzyrt: i dont trol i just dont try hard this normal game Dzyrt: i just start playing so bad just like you Dzyrt: this made rengar on bot cause he play jungle Dzyrt: and you playing chat game Dzyrt: and again cho crying Dzyrt: you dont like playing when dont have adc? same when we dont like when we dont have jungler Dzyrt: and better jungler win games Dzyrt: and we dont have jungler at all Dzyrt: thats lost from start Dzyrt: mute you brain and cry me a river Dzyrt: bgwp Post-Game Dzyrt: ahahaha Dzyrt: cho look details Dzyrt: and start think Dzyrt: that you playing horrible
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