I swear the missions ruins the game more than helping.

The missions for odyssey have made all players there constant surrendering, you can't even get through the first stage with someone whining that he needs his mission completed. All those players reported. Now there's a quest where you don't want to die more than 3 times (optional, of course) but I still get junglers who afk farm and even willing to give up the game just to get that quest, "I need that mission, therefor I'm trolling". Stop making such horrible missions riot. I sick of these kids who play only for missions. I at least play I cause I want to have fun, I buy skins from your shop cause I like them. I don't need your horrible hextech-Mission system. I just want players who try to win by doing their best or players who join and share some crazy comp with their team so we can play for fun. Not some "IF you afk this game, you get reward" missions. PLEASE!
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