account suspended for i think no reason

my account just got suspended for I hink toxicity. but to be fair even if I was toxic It was like nothing compared to what I see in game. and I get suspended for the absolute smallest things. when I say something that's even remotely close to flaming I get suspended riot I know you have to be tough on rules. but I really don't think I said anything wrong here. I keep losing all my honor progress. I don't even care about the chat restriction since I barely talk in chat either way. EDIT: i just checked what got me a 14 day suspension and this is honestly ridiculous i actually said the F word like 2 timed. and i named someone brainless ONCE. below is what got me suspended so feel free to give me youre opinion on this I personally don't think this is as bad as most other people infact I wasn't even trying to be mean it was more of like an argument. Game 1 Pre-Game thedarklord101: top In-Game thedarklord101: k so arcade ezreal looks way better then this thedarklord101: so lucky..... thedarklord101: gragas instead of just stealing my farm maybe help thedarklord101: report gragas thedarklord101: i pinged him 3 times but he still went in thedarklord101: shut up thedarklord101: says you thedarklord101: ifeed yas thedarklord101: the most broken champin the game thedarklord101: why do you tryhard in blind pick thedarklord101: cmon dude thedarklord101: cry all the time XD i havent said anything litterly thedarklord101: so thedarklord101: so thedarklord101: im playing for fun thedarklord101: not my fault hes tryharding thedarklord101: %%%% you thedarklord101: ur playing zed thedarklord101: %%%%ing noob champ thedarklord101: i picked ezreal top thedarklord101: you think im trying? thedarklord101: trolling doesnt exist in blind pick thedarklord101: idiot thedarklord101: no thedarklord101: so thedarklord101: its blind pick thedarklord101: thats the entire point of blind pick thedarklord101: hell no thedarklord101: if you have to pick zed to win in blind pick stop playing lmao thedarklord101: youo wont get past bronze thedarklord101: no gragas thedarklord101: i cant thedarklord101: its yasuo thedarklord101: no outplay possible thedarklord101: yea nice take more farm its not like im behind or anything thedarklord101: ok thedarklord101: ur playing yasuo in blind pick thedarklord101: lo l thedarklord101: garbage?!! thedarklord101: dude thedarklord101: i cant avoid ur bs thedarklord101: and you outdamage any champ in the game thedarklord101: yasuo is the most broken champ in the game thedarklord101: how can yu call him garbage thedarklord101: not as much as yasuo th thedarklord101: thats because those champs are mildy tanky thedarklord101: they dont deal more dmage thedarklord101: ez is lcs because he never gets laned again yasuo thedarklord101: i have 0% chance to win lane vs that stupid champ thedarklord101: its blind pick thedarklord101: im doing it for fun thedarklord101: yasuo top is tryharding thedarklord101: i said in blind pick thedarklord101: he wins every matchup thedarklord101: thats why hes the most broken champ thedarklord101: so no player has hands? thedarklord101: i dont have yasuo thedarklord101: yes thedarklord101: i dont have to play yasuo to know how broken he is thedarklord101: lol ayasuo talking about level of inteligence thedarklord101: ironic thedarklord101: i want to thedarklord101: the champs are randomized so i wont have to deal with tryhards thedarklord101: turn of chat then thedarklord101: aight ur getting reported thedarklord101: thats racism right there thedarklord101: calling me a monkey wtf thedarklord101: racist thedarklord101: is it allowed to call someone a monkey? thedarklord101: thats racism right? thedarklord101: that hook was so off thedarklord101: no idea how that hit thedarklord101: dont talk thedarklord101: you are brainless thedarklord101: that just showed how much iq you have right there thedarklord101: wich is estimated to be around 0.0 thedarklord101: probability of estimated result being correct 100% thedarklord101: oh yeah report the ezreal that tried to have fun Post-Game thedarklord101: even if thats sarcasm its true thedarklord101: we also saw ur kda vane thedarklord101: vayne* thedarklord101: dont talk thedarklord101: 4/7 as vayne thedarklord101: im 1/8 against a yasuo as ezreal top lane thedarklord101: i have an excuse to be 1/8 thedarklord101: ^ thedarklord101: yas is beyond broken thedarklord101: wtf thedarklord101: how does an ezreal play vs yasuo wtf thedarklord101: idc about his winratio thedarklord101: lmao you guys dont have a brain if hyou think yasuo is balaned thedarklord101: 0.5 cd on a dash thedarklord101: underpowerd ?????? thedarklord101: he wins every game thedarklord101: hes meh in teamfights thedarklord101: but he dominated lane thedarklord101: vs any matchup thedarklord101: yasuo its not like ur good or anything because ur not thedarklord101: but ur champ wins every single lane matchup thedarklord101: i know thedarklord101: peaked d4 XD thedarklord101: right right thedarklord101: so ur telling me im unranked and i get matchmade with d5 players thedarklord101: that peaked d4 thedarklord101: so
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