Why dont threats get account banned?

Got chatbanned for 10 games today, thats fine i said some shit, responded to a guy that he could go %%% himself for being a dumb shiet.. My point is; Why arent people like that getting perma IP banned? when you get kiddos that go like "i wil keel u family" and "u %%% ur madder and i hope she die" Same goes for threats, i reported a guy that literally threatened to kill my family, and his account is still around, why? this report system is the definitive worst justice system in the world, fkin stoning infidels has more logic behind it than this shit.. guy goes completely apeshit and hopes my mother dies, and i get a chatban for telling him to %%%% off? what a shit system this have become. If you cant deal with obvious bs that will tilt any sane person.. just ban my account. have ur shitty toxic community for urself. {{summoner:6}}
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