This is getting stupid!

**check this screenshot I know the enemy team with owning my team, yet I (nasus) was fed enough to carry them, My Q was powerful enough to make a real difference, i killed, aph, ww and morde with my Q damage getting a triple, yet the problem was that my team didn't help me at all they were not grouping nor cordinating right, and what made it the worst thing is that my team surrendered before the enemy could get to a single inhib, i would kinda understand that in a normal game, but this is a ranked game, like I was willing to keep fighting and playing and give it all i could till the end so if we won or lost i would be happy, but it really pissed me off, I know I am not the best player, but I am trying and working so hard and giving it all i could to try and win and help the team, but my biggest problem is that I keep getting such teams almost 90% of the time, teams with junglers that feed and not farm right, bot lanes that die a lot without trying to play safe to lower the death rate, and even if so and they lose in laning phase, Team fights are also one of the vital things, I could 1v3 - 1v2 (depending on the champs against me) but it gets really hard to have to keep 1v5 while my team is not helping! the first time i played ranked was in S8 i was new to the game but oddly enough the game placed me in Silver IV! S9 the game placed me in Bronze IV and took me the entire season period to get to Silver IV, some of the blame falls on me coz I would lose lane and become useless but that was rare to happen, but also coz of some players who int, they don't help in team fights or run away saying u guys flamed me so i won't help, my Promotion to Silver IV got inted more than 3 times,.. this season I got iron II in placements after i won the first two games, but i got to Iron I and i had to climb to Bronze III i had good teams and good players and i had a good win streak and sometimes a loss in between, but now it seems that good players made it out of bronze or so and i get some really weird players. I learned this game on my own, and i can say that what i learned is nothing, i keep trying to learn more and more, even if i have this high level, it is because i played daily since summer 2018 mostly Aram and these events like URF, ARURF... I would love to have your thoughts about the best champs for ranked this season, and if they mid-late game, late game or early game coz I want to play a champ that can help me out of this, i can only hope that i get decent teammates ^^**
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