Does this this really warrant a 25 game chat restriction?

Game 1 Pre-Game Prometius: idk Prometius: wait Prometius: igo Prometius: go Prometius: ur plat Prometius: not bad Prometius: go Prometius: idk Prometius: i had some %%%%%%ed plebs when i played flex yday Prometius: got matched with utter degenerates Prometius: wanted to take a break and continue placements when all the kiddies are sleeping In-Game Prometius: wtf Prometius: plz Prometius: am autofill Prometius: xDD Prometius: suk it Prometius: o Prometius: m Prometius: l Prometius: i hate flex Prometius: dont cry Prometius: wanted to practice new jungs Prometius: really Prometius: -_- Prometius: should of maybe asked for adc or supp Prometius: this ain fun Prometius: ? Prometius: wot Prometius: ye Prometius: get Prometius: me Prometius: out Prometius: idk Prometius: or 3 ganks within 6 mins >_> Prometius: next time Prometius: u die Prometius: ;) Prometius: surr Prometius: lol Prometius: plz Prometius: yeye Prometius: :O Prometius: na Prometius: i missclicked the cancel tho Prometius: tried to be sweet and SOUR Prometius: last time im giving up jungle for midlane ew Prometius: LOL Prometius: ????? Prometius: o_O Prometius: thats a very interesting decision by rito Prometius: i took a break during preaseason Prometius: not fun having fiddle adc Prometius: lulu Prometius: how Prometius: is Prometius: this Prometius: game Prometius: my Prometius: fault Prometius: ? Prometius: i gave up Prometius: my jungle Prometius: i got Prometius: baby sat Prometius: sion Prometius: id think cus of ur border Prometius: ud have more of a brain than lulu Prometius: guess not Prometius: shaco and sion Prometius: lol Prometius: herald and end it ty Prometius: idk how theyre blaming me lol Prometius: was a good guy, gave up my jungle, didn't even flame shaco for pretty much leaving me out to dry 2v1 Prometius: idk Prometius: please Prometius: do Prometius: wasting my time Prometius: the only int death was the tp Prometius: but saying that Prometius: i didn't even knowlol Prometius: im not lol Prometius: if i cried id be flaming my jungler Prometius: o_O Prometius: #/all LOL Prometius: lol Prometius: ggwp Prometius: report naughty flaming sion Prometius: spoke on all chat flaming and blaming me what Prometius: o-O Prometius: negative attitude broski Prometius: XD Prometius: dasdsad Prometius: riP Prometius: exactly Prometius: dont blame me Prometius: lol Prometius: doesbn't rlly make sense Prometius: how im being blamed Post-Game Prometius: wa da %%%% Prometius: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prometius: woooooooooooooooooooooooooo Prometius: gl with ur games Im genuinely confused as to how this warrants a 25 game chat restriction? I have recently reformed, not receiving a punishment in 6 or so months (from a 2 week ban), and climbing to 2/3 checkpoint for honor level one, and to see this all reset and have my honor locked because of one game really is just confusing. As you can see in the transcript, i really did not say anything bad atall, maybe the "%%%%%% plebs" in pregame triggered the chat restriction. although if you look this was clearly not aimed at anyone on my team and really isn't flame, and everything else said was not even bad. All my responses which can be taken as "flame" were worded carefully and in response to the constant flame i was receiving from my teammates for sucking in an unfamiliar role (after i gave up my main role for a shaco one trick). Idk, i feel like i got hard done by, especially that (after 6 months of positivity and slowly gaining my honor back), the whole restrict was based upon one game (normally you can get a chat restrict after one game or a ban if you type %%% or something but that simply wasn't the case). Should i take this further to say, a ticket? I feel like i wont really get anywhere with it, but hopefully some of you can see my point. Yes, i typed a few ffs or stated that this game was over, but it really was. I was again, merely agreeing with the kaisa who kept typing, ff plz this game is over but to be honest, after one game, and no more games showing on the chat restrict messages, i really do feel like the system has made a mistake. inb4 those who say it was deserved, that may be your opinion and i respect that, but after only ONE game in which i did not even say anything that bad, my whole 6 month progress of reformation is completely reset and now i have to sit through a 25 game chat restriction as a result. Thanks for reading, more me venting my frustration than anything else, i don't really believe that i'll be getting anywhere with this post due to the view on toxicity. Just wish they'd make reforming a lot easier, im being punished for the slightest things (in my opinion, once again :p!)
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