Botlane playing like monkeys and blaming me.

Okay what is up with premades botlane. most of my games are pre bot (yaay) and im somewhat hoping for them to be average. guess what, nope they are monkeys or cant accept that they are bad. introducing league. Felt like this fit better in player behaviour. >>game start >>botlane starts okay >>both 0/2 by 6-7 minutes >>i mostly won my lane(mid) so i focus on helping them etc. >>Im pushed in because im low hp from a gank i barely survived >>mid and jungle go towards bot >>i alert ping them and that enemy is missing >>they dive face first into enemy tower like its mabe of goddamn cocain. >>flame me for not pinging and following with ~4% hp. >>report mid no help etc. >>i proceed to mute them because am not having this in my game. >>also spent around 7 wards and 200-300 gold on Cwards for bot so they WONT get ganked. >> Map awereness.exe failed to execute >> like bruskis ya blind or sumthin' geez >> mfw{{champion:143}}

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