I decided to main Yasuo! In Silver!

Le GASP! I know. But I was thining and considered how many Yasuo mains on top lane ruined my games or how those Zed mid laners awlays diving and feeding really made it impossible for playing normally. Then it hit me. If I cant beat them, I can join them! So now I play exclusively Mid/Top Yasuo. If he is banned (they mostly ban him when I declare) it doenst matter.... There is plenty of champs to play! Zed... Riven... Akali... Talon. If I am forced to support, I pick Pyke. Safe pick for towerdiving and 1v5 initiating for ez kills too! I am having fun every since. True, that my win rate suffered a lot, but I CAN CARRY GAMES NOW! I just hope my teammates have AS MUCH FUN AS I DO while playing with me! Peace! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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