Hello, Riot Game(No IQ human beings). Explain my Ban.

Hey, I now know why people are so mad at this company. Do you guys ever review any bans at all. I just got unbanned after a 14 days suspension. I got into the game with a teemo top and a janna supp. After the game my score was 1/2/1. And I got banned for unsportsman like behaviour. Tell me this can you guys actually explain to me how i got banned for getting trolled by two players. I asked teemo to leash me at red. He didn't. Teemo mains(silver). I asked him to at least ward it. he didn't. I started blue. My Supp stole my blue. Can you believe that. I take gromp and go red. And it was stolen already by warwick. I was level 2 and warwick was level 4. At that point do you seriously think I can do anything in that game. I said I'm afk. This game is done. And I got banned for that. Please explain this to me how i get trolled by two players still play the game and then I am the one getting banned. Please explain to me what is the reason for this ban. I want my account unbanned today or this goes on reddit.
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