Reformed players should be able to get their account back after a permaban

Hi. So recently i got permabanned for being negative towards teammates(Asking to report them, saying that you're done, etc...) And i've learned from my mistakes, but there is no way to get your permabanned account back. Not even if you proof that you're tottaly reformed. I feel like this should be changed. Yeah, i should get punished for my mistakes, but people make mistakes and if people completely reform they should be able to get their old account back, where they spend so much time (and sometimes money) on, if they manage to show proof of them being reformed. Just an example: Maby bringing a new account to level 30 without any toxicness detected on that new account. That would be proof, and riot would give you your old account back. BUT, if there would be any toxicness detected on your old account after you got it unpermabanned, it would be permabanned forever. I understand that riot gives you plenty of chances to reform. But sometimes all you need is 1 last chance, and i feel like that last chance should be given in some cases. I hope that riot might consider this
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