So I got a 9 game chat restriction so I will do somethign about it

Yeah that game with Lucian was awful, I was destroyed beyond repair in every way, mentally and in lane I did flame back (notice that i said "flame back") and I did say some hurtful words like: "yall suck" after which i said: "please shut up","Im getting bored from listening to yall" but that is about it (as far as the intensity of my insults went, and as much, since that is literally the only insult I said) I wasn't given any chat logs so I had to type out the potential chat restriction triggers EDIT: GOT THEM NOW, HERE THEY ARE: Game 1 In-Game radetar%%%%%%%ign minions radetari: gg radetari: we will not ff radetari: so u can all rot here with me radetari: i was winning my lane radetari: u have 10 more cs than me radetari: wtf are u talking about radetari: i do%%%%%%%ing care radetari: gg overfed hecarim, learn to ward radetari: wow so skilled radetari: learn to ward radetari: learn to ward radetari: learn to ward radetari: learn to ward radetari: learn to ward radetari: yall suck, end of story radetari: just stfu now i cant listen to u people radetari: i dont cuz u brought it on yourself radetari: lol read one sentence where i said u are trash? radetari: even though its true radetari: thwn why da fuxk do u tryhard in flex radetari: tryhard xd, man if i tryharded i would have won radetari: heca didnt gank my lane radetari: u know why radetari: cuz we had it warded radetari: we didnt radetari: so glad we lost, u migh learn something from this radetari: i said i was winning radetari: untill u feeders showed up radetari: man u all are so boring to talk to i should have just muted radetari: 4 man clicking yes still gets a surrender pass radetari: so im not the one trolling radetari: why would i heal radetari: when i give no gold anyways radetari: so he basically killed a minion that didnt waste anything radetari: id rather waste heal on someone else Post-Game radetari: says adc duifference radetari: also plays adc radetari: xd As you can see it is indeed bad after all so you can all ignore the last question I placed below it was in during late phases of midgame, that I would break like that "yall suck" was directed towards enemy team So since I am a DISHONORABLE, GODAWFUL AND TOTALLY ROTTEN HUMAN BEING I decided to not use chat ever again unless I have to say something in terms of: Yes No Back Defend Attack Hope I can follow along with the rule I gave myself I found out that I had a chat restriction when I entered my next ranked game and it was written in chat So I was a bit mad that I lost all my honor progress, but I ended up taking it pretty well surprisingly, after that last game with mental breakdowns and whatnot I ended up actually enjoying the game for once, though it was hard to not type anything so I did type one word throughout the entire game, that being: "deff" and I did try to type "gg" in allchat but the chat restriction quickly reminded be that I cannot type in allchat now And what is best, we ended up winning that game So there is that My only questions now are: "Was I banned for my INT-eresting score or truly for being toxic?" (it said for unsportsmanlike conduct) "Was the restriction for 9 games from the start, or was it extended to 9 because I typed something in the first game of the restriction?" "What comes after this restriction? A 14 day suspension or an instant Permaban?" (I know it depends on the intensity of your actions but if I were to get suspended because of a less intense action, what would that suspension be?) ~~"Was I fairly banned and if not, can I have any chances of getting guaranteed help by support?"~~ PS: It's 10 games actually, it said 9 because I finished the first game of the restriction That's all folks Thank you for reading {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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