Any ideas?

Hello, i am new player and i joined this game recently i am 17 lvl on EUW and i am playing normal games rn to level up to 30...and i see normal games kinda cancerous to be honest... today i was in normal gmae and there was enemy team ''smurfs'' probably people that gets banned on accs and makes new ones and levels them up ... also sometimes i get golds to diamonds in my teams/enemies and i dont udnerstand why .... like how can i learn how to play if i get ass raped by smurfs and diamonds??? personally i dont enjoy rn the normal games so i decided to play only ARAM for now....any tips how to not get ass rape devery game by smurfs? like u dont learn anything if u get tilted and ass raped , smurfs are really tilting for new players, actual new players.
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