What's wrong with these people?

"I'm smurf don't worry" "I'm diamond in EUW" "I have plat main" - go 0-10-1 on lane, don't communicate, fail CS and then refuse to surrender as well... Just last match, guy enters champ select room: "I'm diamond smurf, I mid". Pick Yi at last moment and went 0-10-2 mid lane. Top lane goes 0-5-0 as Jax vs Shen and has 1/3 of Shen's CS and lost two towers in 13 minutes. Want to know best part of these guys? They refuse to surrender, so I'm just there wasting 30-40 if not more minutes of my life, because enemies wont finish and allies won't surrender, despite we having no towers left and getting aced every fight for past 10 minutes. Don't they fucking understand that it's more reasonable to just surrender and start a new match or something?
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