I feel sorry for Riot

Greetings. With the latest update and all the new changes, I see a lot of negative feedback. "The HUD sucks" , "The game announcer is terrible" , "I hate the new map" ...You get what I mean (If not, browse the boards for 2 minutes) I think what players tend to forget is that many people at Riot Games put a lot of effort and passion into creating all these changes. They didn't have to do it. After all, they don't get any direct profit out of these changes. Riot could've just added new skins or chromas that we would have to pay for. But they created this completely free event which we can all participate in. I imagine that it must be a sad experience to read these things about your work. I want to encourage you guys to give these changes a shot, I'm sure we'll get used to it in a few weeks. Or at least, don't be so harsh with your criticism. View this event as a gift. You wouldn't just say "This sucks, I hate it" if someone gave you a gift that you don't like.
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