Dear Toxics. Despite your stories, this is how the report system ACTUALLY works.

Lets get the most important thing out of the way right away: * _**No, the number of reports doesn't matter.**_ And if you repeat that lie a 1000 times, it still wont matter. Meaning: Noone who has a clue how the system functions, is afraid of you and your premades, or feeding "friends-for-a-game-who-sides-with-you-to-feel-less-like-the-reason-he-looses-the-game" report threats. If you flame, and you get reported, its enough if one person does so. And even if 4 people report that person in return, who wasn't toxic, it still wont matter. Because here is how the system actually works: * **1) REPORTS ON THEIR OWN MATTER NOTHING, THE REPORT HAS TO BE VALID** An automated chat analysis and other algorithms determine that validity. If someone doesn't flame, doesn't call you names doesn't trollbuild and run into turrets, and you report that person **the report is found to be invalid**. * **2) A REPORT THAT IS INVALID DOESN'T DO ANYTHING** Again: No, the number of reports doesn't matter. If you chose not to believe that, go make a new account, go into sub30 normals and bronze/low silver games. See the number of reports being announced in chat? If invalid reports would do anything, almost half the population of the lower ELOs would have a permanent ban. Invalid reports are also not counted, they don't make a situation worse, they don't hasten a ban, they don't do ANYTHING. Its as if you never clicked the button. Oh, except for one thing they actually do: They **lower your report-value.** Every time you make an invalid report, the system gives you a virtual "mark". The more such marks you have, the less the system trusts your future reports, ALL your future reports, even if they are valid. Meaning: If you report for no reason, then eventually your reports are ignored, even if they would, for a normal player, be valid. * **3) REPORTS DON'T COUNTER REPORTS** If you behave toxic in a game, and you report the players likely to report you, then that doesn't change ANYTHING about the reports you get. Nothing. Every single case is treated individually, and circumstances DO NOT MATTER. If you flame, FOR WHATEVER REASON, the reports against you are valid. So pressing that button just to "get back" at someone won't help you if you misbehave. For one because its most likely invalid, for another, because even if it is valid, the ones you got are still valid. That also means: No matter how many of your premade friends "help" you in that endeavour: It won't change a thing. If you 3man, or 4man flame someone, who doesn't flame you back, and all of you report him, and he reports all of you, then all of your clicks are still invalid, and all of his clicks still are 100% valid and will be accounted for. * **4) YES, REPORT CALLING IS TOXIC AND IS BEING PUNISHED** Very simply put: If you ask others to report someone, or state that you will report someone, reports against you for either "Verbal Abuse" or "Unsportsmanlike Behaviour" are valid because of it. And that leads me to my final point: * **5) YOUR OPINION OF WHAT IS TOXIC DOESN'T MATTER** What is acceptable and what isn't, is a majority decision by the community. The tribunal system which determines the validity of reports is guided by machine learning and shapes itself to what players report and what they don't. If you think calling people "autistic morons" is friendly banter, because that's what you and your classmates/colleagues do, you are wrong. And don't assume that your opinion is that of a majority, just because you want it to be. --- And it doesn't matter if you agree with me. Facts don't require agreement to be true. Gravity is still pulling massive bodies towards each other, whether or not you agree on that. Good bye and behave. -frantic
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