i got banned but ..

I got a perma ban today i was kinda salty and i admit was my bad, i had a bad day and that why i got not so toxic but i was a idiot, my team kinda trolled me and they response to my with the toxic language so i hope riot will understand me i promise i will not get in conflicts with people on this game anymore Game 1 In-Game Cemu97: nice farm ori Cemu97: gg Cemu97: reset senna Cemu97: no manaaa Cemu97: i nee dreset Cemu97: mb cuz i get that bounty Cemu97: go mid ori Cemu97: seena Cemu97: you blind dude? Cemu97: sennna Cemu97: if you were on map Cemu97: %%%% Cemu97: we lost any way Cemu97: top mid adn jf are noobs Cemu97: gg Cemu97: dude you are bad af Cemu97: ori the same\\ Cemu97: to no sepak about ww Cemu97: so admit it Cemu97: we lose cuz of youu] Cemu97: look Cemu97: rep ww adn oriana psl Cemu97: we lost Cemu97: gg Cemu97: ff it o waste of time Cemu97: i guess better top jg adn mid wins Cemu97: gg wp open Cemu97: for what? Cemu97: what flame Cemu97: you are a bad player as ori and ww Cemu97: what the flame Cemu97: that the truth dude Cemu97: ahaha pethetich guys learn to play Cemu97: gg wp rep ww adn ori Cemu97: 1 10 noob Cemu97: and you guys with lol Cemu97: ahahah Cemu97: nice farm as mid Cemu97: die in peace Cemu97: go more 1 20 maybe %%%%ing troller Cemu97: rep ori and ww Game 2 In-Game Cemu97: ezreal Cemu97: what the %%%% ar eyou doing Cemu97: rep ezreal pls Cemu97: gg thx Cemu97: rep plls ezreal Cemu97: thx Cemu97: go bot ezreall Cemu97: rep pls ezreal Cemu97: i was top idiot Cemu97: %%%% that %%%%%% Cemu97: %%%% him Cemu97: deu if that %%%%%% troll Cemu97: i can too Cemu97: if is a %%%%inf %%%%%% Cemu97: cacner player Cemu97: for Cemu97: dotn have a lane Cemu97: deu if soem one is troling Cemu97: is taht idiot ezreal Cemu97: dude Cemu97: is dont play with tghta %%%%%% Cemu97: stop spam shitt Cemu97: i told you Cemu97: wtf Cemu97: rep taht idiot Cemu97: rep ezreal dude Cemu97: i can go in other lanes like tht idiot Cemu97: i can lik ezrela Cemu97: dude sett Cemu97: you %%%%%%s Cemu97: or wht??? Cemu97: what Cemu97: tell me Cemu97: you cant undestadn i was top Cemu97: nd that shit Cemu97: trolled me Cemu97: when he coems top Cemu97: you stupid or what? Cemu97: he is premade with taht idiot Cemu97: stfu %%%%%% Cemu97: adn play with ezreal Cemu97: garbage premades Cemu97: stfu Cemu97: idipt Cemu97: adn play with ezreal Cemu97: ehat the %%%% you dont understand Cemu97: rep ezreal pls Cemu97: nah i voted yes Cemu97: sett Cemu97: you are premade with that guy Cemu97: tell me Cemu97: ??? Cemu97: i guess yes Cemu97: adn what the %%%% you so stupid Cemu97: and dotn stfu Cemu97: that guy stole my lane Cemu97: and i get flamed Cemu97: nice one Cemu97: ezreal Cemu97: i flamed thet idiot Cemu97: not you Cemu97: if he is troller and idiiot Cemu97: cuz of ezreal we waste time lol Cemu97: stole lane Cemu97: play fiora supp i was first top Cemu97: dude you flame me Cemu97: but i was toppppp Cemu97: so pls can you stfu and admit it Cemu97: i was first lol Cemu97: adn after you said mid Cemu97: just rep ezreal Cemu97: i not my fault Cemu97: then ok i will rep him Cemu97: cuz? Game 3 In-Game Cemu97: rep jax isntalock Cemu97: adn w8 till is open Cemu97: so stfu idiot Cemu97: i dotn give a %%%% abotu him Cemu97: to me he can die Cemu97: and you lol Cemu97: but you must have respect Cemu97: yii play chill 0 ganks top Cemu97: how you died seena Cemu97: adn far,, Cemu97: %%%% you %%%%%% Cemu97: stop ping Cemu97: idiot Cemu97: you get kilel dby yi %%%%%% Cemu97: stop [ong you are trash noob Cemu97: bot laneee Cemu97: i am afk %%%%%%s Cemu97: piec s of shit Cemu97: rep top adn bot lane Cemu97: rep jax instalock Cemu97: jax get beated by yi lol Cemu97: dude yes Cemu97: but jax vs yi Cemu97: bigest counter ever Cemu97: lmao yi Cemu97: gg Cemu97: jax vs yi lol Cemu97: jax beat by yi Cemu97: loll lmao Cemu97: teh biggest counter to yi lol Cemu97: rep jax isntalock and troll Cemu97: stop ping idiot Cemu97: you do t undestand thi game Cemu97: lok jax biud Cemu97: sett Cemu97: what the build Cemu97: jax fisrt time sett syill better then 20 k jax Cemu97: so keep quiet Cemu97: aha ok Cemu97: it works on top Cemu97: you played top? Cemu97: ok Cemu97: you stupid dude? Cemu97: rep jax pls only instalock and troll that is, if you look that games i get trolled too, like i say is my fault so i dont know even if i posted in the right place but i hope the stuff will be understanding please
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