Need help

Hey everyone, I got the support your LCS team pass about a month ago but my quests arrent completing. I only have the first lcs pass part completed but since then the quest doesnt progress while watching C9 footage. When I started watching with the pass active I had 89 hours watched, only watched c9 games since then and the timer is at 102 hours of games watched and I am still stuck at the second mission. At this rate I will never even finish the quest before it expires again =/ And I spend 10 bucks on it. When I contact support (twice now) about it all they say is they know about the issue, yet nothing seems to get fixed. Is there a way to cheat the quest system to get them done quicker? I tried cleaning cookies but that didnt work. Sorry to any staff if this is against the rules, if it is just remove the post.. I would just like to get what I paid for.
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