New Report Reason, Negligence

Basically, just had a game where an enemy was accusing me of being toxic for asking them to report the two bot laners that went AFK. Now I expect AFKers, it's league afterall. But the Sona support that went on and on about how I harassed them out of the game (Didn't actually say anything to bot during the entire game), and basically ignored how two people had completely wasted everyones time. It made me think, people like that Sona are probably just as bad or worse as toxic individuals, as they are the people that simply lets it happen, and it's frequent. Can't think of many games where someone has been inting, afking, flaming etc and someone hasn't just brushed it aside like it's nothing and just let it happen. Is it just me that wants to see these people perma banned just as much as the rest?
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