Being Bronze

Being Bronze sure isn't easy or fun in many aspects, but I don't mind it. One of the things I /do/dislike about being bronze is the way other people decide to treat me based on my rank. It doesn't matter if it's a normal or ranked game, I'll go into the game with a positive attitude but as soon as I make a mis-step my rank gets brought up (which I am sure is a point made for people in ranks from bronze-plat.) Now I'm posting this because getting flamed for stuff in solo q is one thing, but getting kicked from lobbies in customs games because of my rank is another. I find it so disheartening to join a lobby and get kicked cause I'm bronze. Just last week I was kicked by a silver 5 for being bronze 1, which makes no sense: who on earth thinks is there such a difference between those two ranks? Either way, custom games are usually fun, relaxed games (unless stated otherwise) and to get kicked from something that has an open entry (no password) feel really tiresome and saddening because most of the times (I ask if it's invites only when I join) I get kicked because people assume I'm actually terrible because of my rank. It's gotten to the point where I feel apprehensive about joining customs, because 90% of the time when I join I get kicked. I know that my rank shows where I "supposedly" am at with my skills, but that doesn't mean that I feed my ass off/int/am toxic/won't listen/won't learn. So do me a favour, next time you see a bronze player out there, don't judge pre-hand, let 'em join, it's not the end of the world.
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