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On my last game I found some new kind of troll (at least for me). I was on a promo on Ranked and I was on Mid. I select Lux because she is my main and I dont want teammates ban her. I was the 3nd pick, top was the 1st one. Top pick lux (he dont select her before) and he said "dont worry, im good" (he only play her 2 times). I said that she is my main and if i can play her, and other from the team said "If I cant play my best line u cant play ur main, STFU" I pick Zoe, but not my main because my other 2 mains for mid was banned by enemy, enemy do the last pick Yas. My team flame me on late because I go 8/9 and yasuo 21/7 (Since the start enemy jungle babysit mid because i was on start 2/0 and our jungle dont gank any line). Is Lux behaviour reported? Sorry for my bad English.
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