So, is this bannable enough for you?

I understand why Riot doesn't do anything about ragequitters, AFKers and soft or even hard inters, believe me I do. Who wants to dedicate a team of paid interns and spend resources to monitor games and make decision based on context! It's just easier and more cost-friendly to just put up an automatic chat filter that flags certain words and issues bans for you. That's mainly why people feel so safe inting. But I mean... Come on, not even THIS is bannable? I'm not asking for anyone to ban this kid I just wanna know why this isn't a punishable offense? I'm honestly speechless at this point. This is really disappointing. Just read this and tell me if you can think of any reason at all why this guy receives absolutely no penalty whatsoever. I'm just curious because if what he did is really within the rules of this game, I don't wanna be a part of it anymore. Fejs4n: REMEMBER ME JAX Fejs4n: REMEMBER ME I WILL KILL YOU Fejs4n: REMEMBER ME JAX Fejs4n: I WILL KILL YOU Fejs4n: BELIEVE ME I WILL KILL YOU AND ZED Fejs4n: YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY Fejs4n: I WILL KILL YOU ZED AND JAX This was going on from the pre-game lobby, although then he wasn't naming us he just said if we lose this I'll kill all of you. During the game he starts afk farming top while his laner roams mid and gets kills. Naturally he doesn't like that so he starts saying he'll kill me, the jungler, and zed the midlaner. Carries on through the game and in the post-game lobby chat as you can see above. Isn't this supposed to be the step too far that gets people banned, or at least chat restricted? I got chat restricted for 2 weeks once first offense for telling someone "maybe league isn't the best game for you" and I understand how that counts as harassment. But if that's the level for a 2 week chat restriction, what's the punishment for this?
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