How to get a ban and how not to act afterwards

About a year ago I managed to get myself a 14 day suspension with no prior warnings. As the topic of "I didn't deserve this and it's Riots fault" is still a very hot topic nowadays, I think I should pass on some wisdom. If you have just been banned for flaming and think it wasn't deserved, let me tell you something. About 99% of the time, you definitley deserved it. You did agree to the Summoners code afterall. I personally got so annoyed at my ban that I (stupidly) decided, that the boards should know about how I feel about my ban, adding a whole load of stupid comments and justifications to my chatlog. Looking back I can only cringe at the things i wrote: If you dare to look at that, be aware that I am now sure I was incredibly toxic and the ban was well deserved, no justifications. In my chatlog there were multiple insults, bad sportsmanship and general toxicity that couldn't have done anything but made my team play worse or laugh their ass off that I would get so heated. I can't say that it's easy to not get annoyed, because nearly everybody goes there at least once, but if you wen't overboard and then proceed by whining on boards about how it's not your fault, instead of understanding that you were in the wrong, you obviously don't understand what is so bad about toxicity in the first place. Also the honor system is supposed to take that long to recover, again you deserve it. If you have anything to add please tell me in the comments.
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