Vital message to Riot: Can I get injustice? What is going on with this Player Behaviour system???

To the Rioters working in the Player Behaviour department, I am writing this post because I am extremely concerned about how appaling this system is looking for Player Behaviour. It seems okay to permanently ban someone a day after their 2-week suspension ends who was trying to maintain a positive mentality during 2 games and actually try to do their best in those games. Yet nothing is actually being done about those who intentionally feed in lanes before flaming other teammates for their own mistakes. Their own DUMB mistakes. This is outright injustice. Like, it's okay for a premade of 3 to be toxic throughout an entire game and THEN also post-game chat, yet nothing is done about them and they walk away scot-free. This is one of the reasons why players are discouraged to continue playing this game. Stupid problems like these is what makes the game unenjoyable. If my chats were found as toxic themselves, at best my chat could've had a chat restriction of 25 games or so. A perma-ban is just ridiculous. With a chat restriction, I could've stayed more towards maintaining that positive mentality. I wouldn't have moved towards stooping as low as the premade on one of my teams. This was just a step too far and I am just shocked. Riot, you are simply going to allow childish and immature and arrogant to the next level players continue to harass others and make their games frustrating and you are not going to do anything about it other than punish the ones who show even a small amount of a reaction.
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