Took a brake from league, and I realized this

It's been around a few weeks, I went back to my old account in Warframe, the community there is so nice I even felt bad for calling someone an "idiot" one time for doing something wrong. Haven't seen there 1 single time anyone insulting someone. And then thinking about League in comparison I realise that people here got so used to verbally assaulting each other and having to deal with it that there's no **balance** in the community. There's people who say "grow some balls" thinking that being offended by a simple _f* you_ is funny and on the other side there's the people who do get offended and constantly urge Riot to do something about it. And in the middle there's the majority of the players who are hammered every day by the toxicity and feel like crap when logging out of League, but get back in the next day anyway for unclear reasons. As fun as this game might be, unless you have a group of actual friends to play with, it's bad for one's health and Riot can't really do much about it.
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