Whats the point of constant account leveling?

So i got back into league a couple..... actually it might have been 2 weeks already i dunno. I started leveling my account cuz i cant remember old account info, email username anything, it was an old account so it was probably something cringe like xxXXPwN4ISHErXx420 or something (getting off track) so im leveling, and from 1 to 8 it was okay, and then i start getting these banned toxic mains and i kinda dont get whats the point of leveling these accounts like, example, level 10, get a.....a mid fizz main who says he is the only normal player in eune, tells us we are trashs, we should go {{champion:10}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:134}} (read that in first letters of their names) and etc etc. and i got matched with this guy like 3 times and all 3 times he was the same, and shortly after i logged back in the other day, Report Feedback. So im just curious these people are obviously banned toxic players who play ranked, so whats the point of leveling up a new account if you get banned before you even reach lvl 30. I mean at best they have 25 restriction but i know from a friend that riot punishes the 3 fun letters insult with an instant 14days so like these accounts obviously hardly even make it to lvl 30. so whats the point guys??
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