why did i get banned Riot Games?

Did i get banned because i was %%%%ing flaming cuz every single %%%%ing time you **** company cant just put me in matchups with players of silver 4 or better????? Is this why i got my EUNE account banned, DavidFlame? IF YOU STOP PUTTING ME WITH SUCH IDIOTS I CANT ANYMORE. I STARTED SEEING A DESEASE GROWING ON ME CUZ OF STRESS. Tell me what to do then i wont flame anymore. U actually made me write to you, which, trust me, i actually wont but this is a dumb thing and i dont wanna be reporting something. Do something about it, otherwise it %%%%ing sucks. Ill stop playing league and i was going to put money in game for Project Diana which i think it is going to come up but now %%%% IT! EVERYTHING IS RUINED! Thanks riot, i wont forgett. never !

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