Does THIS Deserve Ban ?>?

{{champion:32}} {{summoner:3}} ame 1 KING6619: Bronze 4 with 30% winrate KING6619: b4 with 30% winrate KING6619: He banned evelynn i wanted play now say rep kata llol KING6619: 2 premade with 30% winrate in bronze4 KING6619: Rep them KING6619: WTf KING6619: muted KING6619: syndra barrier KING6619: :-? KING6619: dont care ryze he is bronze4 KING6619: if he was there i could ult KING6619: he is b4 KING6619: what u say i was on call KING6619: im s2 noob it is my friend acc KING6619: im playing kata jungle KING6619: because this acc dont have ap jungler KING6619: kta isnt jungler i dont have ad runes on this acc KING6619: it was best choice for an ap jungler after eve KING6619: u are flaming i just play KING6619: and report in end KING6619: LOl KING6619: 300 gold for u Game 2 KING6619: No help = troll KING6619: No help = troll vayne KING6619: galio knock up jax KING6619: EZ KING6619: if u play like this in ranked demote to bronze 3 KING6619: if u play like this demote to bronze v KING6619: xD KING6619: i found it from your farm and play KING6619: lol KING6619: LLOL KING6619: I Catch u on air KING6619: wtf galio KING6619: can u describe why teleport top lane :-? KING6619: let unmute KING6619: im on euw or eune KING6619: Galio KING6619: dude it is normal and dont matter KING6619: just l2p KING6619: Galio you are inting hard KING6619: Just push lanes and die KING6619: 0 KING6619: 1vs5 always
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