I was banned for intentionally feeding, but I just bad a really bad game.

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I played a game top as Jax the other day, I'm normally pretty good at Jax for my rank (gold) and usually win my lane, but this time I managed to die lose first blood to the enemy yasuo, I tried to farm and attempted to kill him when I saw an opening, but he always outplayed me, escaped with low hp or just baited me into a 2v1 with his jungler. I wasn't able to get any kills and went 0/13/0. I tried farming, looked to other lanes too to see if I get an opening but the enemy team was doing really well, I didn't see any opportunity to make a comeback, so I attempted to farm top and try to get tanky with randuin's omen and decided to abandon usual plan to build at least 1 full damage item first. My jungler was flaming me a lot and when I said I don't want to argue with him, he continued flaming so I muted him, he sold all of his items and stayed in base, our team lost all hope of winning. About a minute after this game, I was banned. I've never intentionally fed, trolled or went afk in my history of LoL, even the enemy team agreed that I was just having a really bad game and that noone in my team played particularly well. Edit: Adding Link to Ban Picture: https://i.imgur.com/cCtfBo5.png Edit: A YouTube Video of the Match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKspckTdcLA **Update** On the 14th of September a Riot Support Staff member looked into my case and found my innocent, and unbanned me (4-5 days after), I was compensated with some hextech chests and keys. I'm glad the incorrect ban is no longer on my record.
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