Where did the real honor go?

So, to be honest, I kind of dislike this new honor system. Before it was implemented, you could still honor players (enemies too) but it was purely out of the desire to do so. Some player struck you as a kind and helpful, others honorable and/or friendly. People like that deserve to be honored. I myself have given out lots of honors to players who actually contributed and were helpful in one way or another. But the reason I am writing this topic is because of a game I experienced a while back. It was an "ok" game, I mean, we lost (and by lost I mean we got curb stomped for 30 minutes) but it was ok. Had better games, had worse games, you know. It happens. But this particular game stayed with me for a while. And it made me give up on the honor system alltogether. Let me explain. So I was ADC and my Support was supposedly high Platinum. Ok, cool we got this. No, actually we didn't have anything. We got annihilated early game and my high Platinum support started blaming and flaming me for not following up on his suicide missions. I apologized and in the very next engage we got manhandled by an obvious bait. So we went like 0/4 and 1/3 or something. Can't remember. But he was really salty that he had to support me, instead of supporting a good ADC. Top lane was ok, as in our top laner was just 2/2 and mid lane was in total shambles, with a 0/5 Akali that never uttered a single word. Our jungle Rengar though was going left and right getting kills and whatnot, was like 7/0 in like 15min so yeah, I though we had a shot. 1 TF later and we got aced, pushed to inhibitor, then we went to contest Baron, got aced again and lost the game. Nothing unusual. But here's where it gets interesting: In the post-game lobby our Rengar was furious that he didn't get a 3rd honor (I did not honor anybody) and demanded that he know who did not honor him, since he was almost at level 4 Honor. I said I did not honor because I did not see anything particularly honorable about him (never came to gank bot and even at 7/0 he died instantly in a TF). He immediately said he was going to report me, without even having a reason. My high Platinum support said he honored Rengar, and Rengar thanked him by saying he honored him too (probably, idk). The other "missing honor" was from Akali but that is to be expected, since it probably wasn't a real player but some Intermediate Bot. Long story short, the honor system apparently has become something of a grind, where players expect to get loads of praises for getting a single kill. Not to mention expecting to get rewards, which they actually do get (shoot me please). I miss the old days, where if you saw a player with a honorable banner in loading screen, you know that guy was a good player, friendly and helpful and you knew you would enjoy your game. Nowadays, every game I see flamers and feeders and AFKers with honor badges or emblems or idk what you call it. ayy
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