I am a toxic player and I am sorry for it but I can't control myself

I am posting this from this smurf account because I am sure I will recieve lots of hate for it. I am toxic, I admit it. Not every game, not with all players, but when someone comes and feeds my lane or feeds an opponent really hard, I get so tilted I can't control myself and starts flaming them really really bad. I never troll or give up on games, I do my best to win every time, but I can't stop getting nervous sometimes. All I am asking for is a way to disable the team chat, so I can't type at all. I tried with unbinding the key or even removing enter, but I can't resist and put it back and start flaming. I am not a bad player at all, I got Plat 2 on my main by playing solo, but I have really big problems with nerves. Like being sincere, if someone in real life would make me so nervous like some teammates in League do, I would stab him with my pocket knife until I make sure he is dead without any hesitation (not even a bit of a joke here). I know that is not okay, but I am like this since I was a kid (I am 22 ATM), and I asume the risks I take IRL for my behaviour. But, the point of this is there are much more players like me, and the only solution I can find is permanently disabling the chat OUT OF GAME. So, Riot, if you see this, please consider adding this option to the game. I can comunicate by pings without any problem, just don't let me use the chat.
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