League community in a nutshell

^ This is what every game feels like nowadays. The game started off with Zed giving first blood to the enemy team. So from then on Yi flamed Zed until he rage quit saying: "I'm gone. Duck you Yi." Despite the disadvantage of an AFK and a flaming Yi we continued to fight and still managed to defend fairly well for our situation. Specifically we managed to get 2 kills on Quinn who then also rage quit. (My team didn't even notice it still talking about a 4v5.) Shortly later (after losing the first turret) we declined a surrender vote with 1 yes and 4 no votes. Yi started another enormous rant, how the fk we could vote to not surrender the 4v5 (it wan't). Zed reconnected about 8 - 10 minutes after he had disconnected just to sell his items and buy only Ability power items, continuously run straight into the enemies and spam surrender votes. All while spamming the chat with: "XDXDXDXDXDDXDXDDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD" while he was dead. So after about 2 maybe 3 minutes of that my team eventually gave up and voted to surrender. Pretty much everyone left the post game lobby immediately while Zed was asking everyone to report. Likely nobody did apart from me, considering how fast everyone left. With that rant out of the way, let's get to the actual point of this thread. How can we fix this? Because despite these horrible conditions I still love the game. League of Legends is an awesome game and I wouldn't have stuck with it as my main free time filler for like 8 years now (or how long it's been) if it wasn't. So I was thinking we could gather our ideas here and if for some reason people actually participate and the thread gets some attention, maybe Riot will have something to work with and improve the current state of the community. So I'll start of with my ideas (and some things I heard) first. **Gameplay:** - Change the surrender vote to a surrender switch. So you can switch to: I want to forfeit. And as soon as the threshold is reached then the vote pops up and everyone gets a last change to change their mind or not. This way people can't abuse the system to spam these votes during team fights and alike. - Add chat macros you can setup. For example you could use the F5 to F8 keys as jungler to say things like: "I'm ganking." or "I'm invading." or "Drake soon." or whatever you wanna use for your role. (Not spamable ofc.) **Punishment Systems:** - Add a chat level that can only be increased on linked accounts (I mean linked to a phone number). Could be like 1-10 for example. - Instead of handing out chat restrictions for offensive language, make everyone chat restricted. And as you increase in chat level you unlock more messages you can use per game. - That chat system could let anyone opt out from receiving messages from players that are let's say 3/2/1 levels below their chat level. - Add a stacking exp debuff for dodging aram games. So next aram you play you get less (or 0) exp. You can still dodge in an emergency, but it can't be abused as easily by having several accounts. - Maybe exclude people who have fallen to honor level 0 from ranked entirely until they have proven to be chill in normal games. And allow like 1 ranked game per day on honor level 1. **Report Systems:** - Add an option to say why you dodged. Sometimes you might just dodge because your champ got banned or you don't wanna play a specific team comp or whatever. But a lot of the times you dodge because someone is already being toxic in champ select. And this needs to be addressed. Either you lose time for nothing by dodging or you play out a toxic game just to report one person. You could even just have a popup ask you next time you log in why you dodged. You have the time anyway as you are probably locked out of queue for x minutes anyway. (Despite me actually mentioning the usual punishments right here, a lot of people seem to assume I'm asking for a free out here. That is not the case. To clarify: You still get punished for dodging. Just as you did before. You ONLY gain the option to voice your reasoning so the system can lern from it.) - Add more report options or at least add a section under the description, where you can post the top 3 describing hashtags. Something like: #int #flame #wintrade. So the punishment system has more data to actually learn what behaviors are toxic not just what chat is toxic. **Honor Systems:** - Keep the current honor system where you honor one teammate every game, but add an additional option to give kudos to players (ally or enemy) who actually make the league experience better. One you have to go out of your way to actually appreciate a player. Not many people will use this system, but those people who actually do get recognized by could receive some actual benefits, like more honor rewards for example. - With the chat level system honor wouldn't have to decrease for verbal offences and therefore could be made harder to climb. Opening up other opportunities to reward players with a good chat level. Anyway, if you made it this far, then thank you for your time. And if you agree something needs to be done about this, please share the topic. Have a nice day.
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