ım 14 lvl and banned 14 days for feding?

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hey everyone im 14 lvl and i was playing this game then today i try to enter my acc and i see banned 14 days for 1 game,if u look at that match u can see all team was bad and game finish at 17.Is ıt not normal feeding for new players?Look at all team what ıs the different for this game 0-30 or 0-0?How a logic give 14 days ban without warning for 1 game?ty for helping and your comments.(i don t remember but probably i was yasuo this game)(i think 2 things of about this bann;the producers of this game are stupid or they don t want new players)[Ohh and i forget to say there r some rioters here they are looking like players but always oppose to topic,they r ignore your right sides and try to find your mistakes i wanna say GTFO HERE FOR THEM,u will see them below coments]
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