How is this possible?

So i was going to play my first ranked game after ever this season to start climbing that queue. I already reached my first goal in flex so wanted to start solo/duo now and was looking forward to the more "serious" queue. Then this happens in my FIRST game! Makes you wanna play ranked again...not! This guy was autofilled to supp so i guess he just wanted us to doge so he could queue up again but then, take a look at his match history? How is it possible for a player like this to play 4 straight games of RANKED and RUIN peoples experience without him getting banned or the system picked up on it earlier? Really. This just proves how useless the ban/report system really is. Luckily i had teammates who "afkd" fountain so we could remake, feels bad they get the penalty of being afk just to save the team from a 100% flame-filled, inting game turned to a loss. All heroes don't wear capes, thanks guys, you da real MVP.

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