Winning in League became pure luck

Recently i got stuck in the meme elo. im playing in dia 5. the mmr is kinda messed up (+14 win, -22 loose). and in most of my games there is just one way to go for my team: feed and flame. the new honor system helped with the flame, but it looks like my mates got their full attention on the feed now. it does not matter if you win ur lane or get some objectives. ur team finds a way to throw the game out of hand. either the extended feed with the full dmg build (just to die even faster to the enemy team), or the fact that 90% of the players never even heard about the weird thing called "tactic". some of my thought on my team´s minds: "we have a good teamfight and a strong lategame. lets fight early alot and then split up so they can catch us one by one." "i already died 3 times in lane. the only way to make it up is to build full dmg. even if my team could carry me if i stop feed by building tank" and the one thing im wondering alot: why is an option to surrender in the ranked game mode. i play to win. to climb and to improve urself. and then there is the option to give up on that. it makes no sense to me. just to let off some steam
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