Chat Restriction/Toxicity/Ban discussing things/ ONLY +18 players

Hello, i want to talk about about Restrictions in this game BUT, before i start you must know that Statement will be long and if you are not going to read full statement please leave and dont even vote it. or if you DOWN-VOTE it then Comment why. ** ------>>>> AND if you are not +18 PLEASE just leave discussion because underaged people wont be objective and rational about thing SO JUST LEAVE IT PLEASE DONT RUIN DISCUSSION. ** 1. First thing i want to mention is that i have 4 permanently banned account, my peak rank was gold 1 and i am leaving this game 100% sure. 2. Reasons i got this permanent bans are same on 4 account. I was flaming players in game 3. I have question to riot. if it is not acceptable to flame in game then why do you let me flame and insult players? Question was 100% correct and you read it right way. You let me to flame players in game and then ban me for it. As long as i dont play this game and i will NEVER play anymore trust me AND ONLY way i might play this game is if restriction system is changed better way. HOW do i think problem can be solved: first problem that riot does is that he lets me flame other people. YES it is 100% problem and you cant avoid that you let me flame them. dont you ? i am sure i can go in game and tell someone %%%% YOU and he will read that and after that if he will report me i will or wont be banned BUT the real problem in this case is not that i told him %%%% you (because he insulted me or something like that) the real problem is that when i Typed this TEXT you actually let me to send it to the player. i am learning informatics i know very well how algorithms work i know you can create way and dont let me to type that type of words in chat but WHY do you? problem will be solved if my INSULTING text will be deleted like nothing happend and THAT IS IT riot. trust me this is much better than your system. imagine you tell me that only 0.06% of the players get perma ban. but everyone knows that at least 20-30% of the players get it and there is no way you change my mind coz everytime i create account there are not any new players only players that have new accounts coz their last is banned and 90% of them are the same way. ON this current account i reached 20 level and i got first restriction for 10 games. REASON dont even matter in this case only REASON IS that RIOT LETS me FLAME them AND THEN BANS me FOR it instead of NOT letting me flame in chat and deleting all my insultive comments. i think its better solution and dont give me advices mute them or something like that i am tlaking about system and not the fact i am toxic or how can i solve toxicity the real problem is other thing and if it is not JUST prove it. and if you think it is not just explain me why is current system better and not the way i am talking about and after that vote my Discussion but only with arguments PLEASE. THANKS. you can always check this account my last game was 2 days ago 07/03/2019 its last and final game thanks. {{champion:27}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:27}} to shake or not to shake :)
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