so i've just got banned and like most i felt it was unjustified, disagree or agree up to you.

simply here to say riot needs to sort out their systems because it is stupid. i just got banned after a guy said a racist remark to me and then said my life was worth nothing after i lost my lane, just a little bit of context i was playing nasus vs kai'sa so she would get me very low when i was farming and then kill me under tower not saying i was playing well on the contrary i was playing terrible and did poorly top however im nasus so i stacked and ended up doing the most dmg on the team and where everyone else was negative kda i at least got positive so this twitch didnt really have grounds to flame me at any point after 12 mins yet he continued to do so. he also flammed everyone else on my team and in the end after he called my whole team trash for the 100th time i said "ugh i'm gonna mute this kid" the only other things i did then this were tell him to stop spam pinging me cause just to annoy me he would spam ping me and i told him to get a life. another note is at the end the guy said i dont care this isnt my main acc. now this is the second acc i have got banned and the first i felt was justified however im now noticing a trend that i dont get banned until i say riot sucks, i have had multiple times on both acc where i have felt i have gone a bit overboard and let someone get to me but none of those times i got banned the only times i have is when i mention riots name its like their system looks for their name specifically and bans anyone who mentions it like a protective mother not letting her kid see the things the bullies said. honestly i think i am just too much of a "toxic" person and have too much going on that i need to deal with to care about this game anymore so this is the last time i will ever play it i just wanted to say that i understand not being allowed to say racist or homophobic remarks and i back that wholeheartedly however i think banning someone for just having a as riot vaguely puts it "negative attitude" which can range from not enjoying the game because its not very good anymore to being ridiculously racist and violent with your words is too vague and over simplified way of monitoring your community and i think this is the reason that no games (or any that i know of) use this same system. i also think that if someone says something extremely insulting to you and you reply like a normal human being with emotions then it is stupid to punish it. if someone walks up to you on the street and starts shouting in your face a bunch of insults its very hard for a living creature to stay calm and not respond but obviously riot expects us all to be robots with no feeling. in Conclusion riot your rules are too vague and leave room for your personal interpretation and you do not understand human nature or make flexible rules to account for it. League of legends is a community of salt consuming toxic people with snowflake devs that cant take people saying a single "bad" word like a grandma and honestly im glad to be rid of it and done with its community and terrible updates that break the game repetitively. (Note: the Game chat below is the one with the flaming racist twitch in it, now again i dont believe i was "Nice" here however i dont think i should be punished for reacting to a racist kid flaming me and my team.) Game Chat: PrimeTim: kaisa top? PrimeTim: reallu PrimeTim: wtf PrimeTim: what is that champ PrimeTim: great PrimeTim: riot is great PrimeTim: she hits me under tower PrimeTim: and out sustains me PrimeTim: she out sustains me PrimeTim: which makes 0 sense PrimeTim: she 1 shot me from half hp under tower PrimeTim: stfu PrimeTim: lane swap PrimeTim: stfu PrimeTim: why what? PrimeTim: ??? PrimeTim: so what PrimeTim: thats cause ur lane is mid PrimeTim: stfu PrimeTim: with ur stupid pings PrimeTim: no ones cares about ur opions PrimeTim: no i won then got ultied by jinx PrimeTim: my flash had nothing to do with me dying idiot PrimeTim: can u stop pinging ffs or im just gonna mute PrimeTim: wow PrimeTim: reported PrimeTim: why are uy fighting? PrimeTim: we were backig off u just inted PrimeTim: yh only 1 with kills m8 PrimeTim: twitch ur 1/4 PrimeTim: ur doing literally nothing, u do realise yh i played bad top but im our main carry rn PrimeTim: so stfu and play instead of flamming PrimeTim: and saying racist remarks PrimeTim: lol all twitch is good for is ks cause hes tilted PrimeTim: XD PrimeTim: ugh im muting this kid PrimeTim: so uhhh they all focused me while u all focused kaisa for some reason PrimeTim: lol PrimeTim: report twitch racist and flamming all game ty Post-Game PrimeTim: yes u did PrimeTim: u said a muslim insult PrimeTim: and then you said ur a waste of life PrimeTim: both reportable PrimeTim: and u think its funny PrimeTim: so yh enjoy ban kid PrimeTim: lol PrimeTim: sad PrimeTim: kid needs to grow up and get a life outside of league
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