So someone told another player to commit suicide in my latest game

Since it is not allowed to "name and shame" someone I am not going into detail on who it was, but really, how come a player that directly asks someone to hang themselves still isn't banned? He also kept saying: "ah you lose now", "cry", "you lose hahaha" and stuff like that, and also called all of our team bonobos (which in my opinion is a bannable offense in itself). Sometimes I wish this community would throw all toxicity aside cause no good can come from it. And I know that this is probably an example most of you have seen before in other shapes. But I really hope that I will raise awareness with this post, and that I will disencourage toxic behaviour in general. Anyway, I hope I reach Riot games attention, and that they will look into this matter, cause I don't think we can allow a player to walk around asking other people to commit suicide. **Together we can make a difference, for each one of us that doesn't abide by toxic behaviour, is one more great guy on your team! Never let the toxic behaviour spread, although it can be hard sometimes, when people are toxic towards you**

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