I just dont get it (a bit of a rant and some thoughts),would love for someone to share theirs

So I know we all faced this before. You go into a game,and then someone on your team starts losing his lane. Okay no big deal,he can recover, just needs to play safer.You ask them to be a bit safer,you got tp and lvl 6 in a minute you can come and help. Suddenly they rush and dive the enemy tower and die again. Okay again,its a setback, but it can be corrected.You ask nicely again. They just come from base and start another fight and die again.You ask nicely again. And then they do it again and again.... And this point Im seriously starting to wonder,like I dont know.Could I have asked nicer? Should I flame them? Do they even play the game? Because one thing I will never get is,if someone kicked your ass,handed it to you,served you like a roasted turkey,destroyed you in your lane,not once,not twice,but 3 times or more! Because I dont know how do these people think.If something happened so many times already,why would the next time be any different? You wont magically get 6items in your inventory and evolve into a Korean challenger who can 1 vs 5 blindfolded while playing with his feet. If you lost your lane,just sit your ass tight,we got you covered, we are your team,we want to help you.But why do you make it sooo much harder. How can someone repeat the same mistake over and over and over again without learning anything from it. Another game I had a dude,he wanted to first time TF on ranked,okay no problem.He goes into lane,he feeds the enemy Katarina,okay no problem again.He is new to the champion its to be expected. But then after lvl 6 and every time after that when his ult was up,he ults,teleports right next to Katarina(doesnt even get the gold card),does about 30% of her hp as damage and then gets killed.And I joke you not this happened about 8 times. Like how do you do it 8 times and dont go like: "Hmmm this is probably a bad idea.Maybe I shouldnt do that?" And there are many more examples like that. And these people are Diamond V.Some of them are playing from like Season 3 or 4. I played this game for less than half a year and I learned this stuff. That kind of behavior is not acceptable from someone who is such a high rank,especially if they played the game so long. Anyways sorry for the rant guys just needed to vent it out a little. :/ Any thoughts?

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