Types of people you associate with certain champs

Do not take this completely serious, although it's 100% true from my experience. :D I've seen that many people who main the same champion actually act the same way. Of course there are exceptions, so don't feel offended dear non-toxic Xin mains. But I started associating the behavior patterns with the champs and in most cases it actually turns out to be true. {{champion:5}} The generic flamer. When your team gives first blood, he writes "omg mid nob fed gg repot kasadin sur 20" and then some French insults to follow up. He continues being a complete douche in mid-game, ganks your lane, actually turns out to be an okayish player (which isn't too hard with Xin tho), but goes AFK around level 11. You eventually lose the game because your most fed person just left. This is actually SO true that I've only ever had 1 or 2 Xins on my team that weren't like this. {{champion:92}} The CS:GO player. Who the fuck needs wards? You can bravely 1v1 the enemy toplaner without wards. If the jungler ganks, go in 1v2 because you're such a manly man. If you die (which is likely going to happen within 2 seconds), call the enemy jungler a pussy and coward for not being able to fight you 1v1. After that, challenge him to a 1v1 custom game. Still, you can flame YOUR jungler for "not ganking" if he doesn't permanently camp top. {{champion:67}} The narcissist. I think I actually don't need to elaborate on this one, you all know the stereotypical Vayne player. Flames you for "no help" after he went in 1v2 under tower and you placed a Thresh lantern, which he was too pro to touch. Do not think you filthy casual are allowed to get even one kill. Help him get his penta, but don't let him notice, he needs to do it alone. One fun fact to point out is that whenever I play a Relic Shield support with a Vayne ADC, I get flamed because DO NOT TAKE MY FKN MINIONS YOU RETARD. {{champion:11}} The weird French guy. (No offense). Most Yis I play with are complete one-trick-ponies. The only English word they know is "noob", which they occasionally use. Apart from that, they don't even understand "take flash and smite" if you say it in French. They are likely to flame you in French (see Xin Zhao), but if you ignore that they will carry the game in the end because they've been playing Yi and only Yi for the last 7 months. {{champion:157}} The obnoxious German guy. (I'm German.) Even if every lane goes similarly, he just NEEDS to point out every death in the other lanes. If you tell him to stop, he will insult you in German. Other Germans will of course join him and use their most original insults with "xD" smilies. In the end will act like he was the only competent player on his team, but nevermind, you can report him, if someone switches to German it was most likely to insult you. {{champion:16}} The bot. Don't bother telling them where to ward, they will know better thanks to their software. Also they won't even react, apart from the occasional jungle timer chat post. {{champion:222}} The "nope, I can do better with Ignite" guy who dies every time he gets in Ignite range. That's Jinx for you. {{champion:23}} The immortal French guy. Jumps into the enemy team cause HE'S AN IMMORTAL FKN BARBARIAN K- ...oh, dead. Np, it's your fault cause you didn't go in with him, reporte sup nob feedeur ff20. {{champion:86}} The guy who builds weird stuff. Just because he "counters" Riven, there's still no reason to rush 2 Warmogs, Thornmail and Ohmwrecker and then take every opportunity to towerdive. {{champion:238}} The KDA comparer. If he's 6-8-3 he flames you for being 6-8-2. {{champion:1}} The full AP support. Yes, this happens outside of Bronze, actually so often that I always ask support Annies if they are going to buy wards (if not, I dodge). Sightstone? What's a sightstone? No one needs wards if you can predict well. Applies to Morgana too, but to a smaller degree. {{champion:7}} The (perceived) Faker. When he sees the matchup and it's not a hard counter, he starts Book and rushes Mejai. After he's won the lane 4-0, he becomes so overconfident that he initiates 3v5 teamfights. Of course he will get focused and die in 2 seconds, but that's all your fault. {{champion:64}} The guy who needs to justify himself for every death. You will soon know that he's only 0-5 at 8 minutes because he has 3000 ping and this hasn't ever happened before. Same reason for the execute at red buff. Yet no one asked. {{champion:53}} The troll. Doesn't have much of a clue of the game as a whole, but can pull off his Flash+QER+Ctrl-4 combo just perfectly. HA HA. HA HA HA. Just counterpick him with Riven, Galio or Amumu. {{champion:38}} Nothing to say here, I'm literally the only Kassadin player I've ever seen. Even counting normal games in free week. Do you have more ideas? Write yours in the comments and don't forget to upvote! :D
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