I got a 10 game chat restriction for these logs. It's a bit early for April fools day.

Player of 6+ years here. First time I've been chat restricted. I'd accept it if someone could tell me which part is worthy of a penalty when the entire log is about the game and nothing more. How desperate... and to think i stand to lose rewards over this. Ironically, i'm the passive one but the logs don't show the other players. The end of the last game, i tried to explain the team comp lost, and they called me trash bronze and to kill myself. honestly. Game 1 Context: Playing Evelynn jungle. Trying to farm till 6. All three lanes are getting major stomped. It wasn't soon before everyone was all chatting how bad the jungler was. Tensions escalated when they started talking about my Elo, calling me a child, and to get cancer for having a champion score of 550k on someone like Evelynn. By the end of it, i gave up ) In-Game Joetri10: Tbh, whats rammus doing ganking a pushed lane Joetri10: Um Joetri10: lol Joetri10: You're all getting stomped my bro Joetri10: what am i meant to do Joetri10: when all three lanes have been smashed in 10 minutes Joetri10: im an evelynn Joetri10: i cant even do much till 6 Joetri10: its not my fault you died 4 times before 6 Joetri10: all have lower vision scores than me Joetri10: i have no chance helping 3 lanes who are getting this majorly shat on Joetri10: ive not ignored any lane Joetri10: ive tried t get 7 Joetri10: 6o Joetri10: before you feed the whole game Joetri10: dudee youve DIEE 4 times BEforE 6 Joetri10: DO YOU KNOW Joetri10: HOW BAD THAT S Joetri10: its bad Joetri10: ok Joetri10: rammus is 2-0 Joetri10: so hes literally helped in 2 of the 17 kills Joetri10: so shut up Joetri10: %%%% off Joetr%%%% trash and cant even accept it Joetri10: imagine running a champ with a 200% ban rate in korea Joetri10: and losing to a varus Joetri10: %%%% off Joetr%%%% im gold 3 in 40 games Joetri10: your 6 deaths in 10 minutes to a champ whos played abour 1% in 100 games Joetri10: deal with it Joetri10: they even said we're playing try hard champs Joetri10: shut up Joetri10: look Joetri10: 4 vision score Joetri10: w/e m8 Joetri10: do i care Joetri10: even you're 1 and 4 Joetri10: w/e man Game 2 Context: Midlaner was getting hard camped by a Shaco, very quickly started to sack the mid laner with 'open lane', it later turned out the Adc was a premade, also lost the lane and started all chatting again about how bad i am at jungerling. They eventually got together, with the toplaner who got 5 man dived and lost his lane, who then eventually just stopped playing. The mid and ADC then eventually started spamming the chat, running it down midlane and baiting me and Senna out with remarks (this is a ranked game) In-Game Joetri10: yeh he probably will gank a llot Joetri10: what doo you think hes gona do? Joetri10: shes not gona move is she :/ Joetri10: man thats %%%%ing fast Joetri10: t%%%%is SO fast Joetri10: i just realised after watching that, we have 0 damage Joetri10: they should have all died Joetri10: its over Joetri10: dragons up and they're %%%%ing over there Joetri10: %%%% %%%%ing ask me why Joetri10: %%%%h upon trash upon trash Joetri10: i hate these first 10 games Joetri10: im so done with this Joetri10: its the same Joetri10: every single game Joetri10: look Joetri10: you're all just wondering to mid Joetri10: you have no idea Joetri10: at all Joetri10: theres 5 of them taking top Joetri10: sennas on her %%%%ing own Joetri10: and you're v%%%%slowly attacking minions in mid Joetri10: ITS A JOKE Joetri10: you dont even realise i wasnt alone Joetri10: thats even WORSE Joetri10: THIS ONE HERE Joetri10: IS PAYING ATTENTION Joetri10: LEARN FROM IT Joetri10: its bad when you're being outspun by the damn support Joetri10: and you dont even know it Joetri10: says the one who doesn't know what a pink ward is against a shaco Joetri10: better yet says the one whos walking into blind bushes AGAINST a shaco Joetri10: -___ Joetri10: man i cant Joetri10: it's not even a hard game Joetri10: it actually isnt Game 3 Context: The team comp was not good. The Enemy adc was hyper fed. Nothing we could do. Tried to explain the problem. They weren't having any of it. Started talking about Elos yet again,they all eventually stopped playing and as soon as the dragon soul was lost, it was a ff. Nothing much here. Just tried to help people explain about the comp situation to diffuse the anger of being stomped but nope. This one is the most ridiculous In-Game Joetri10: lol Joetri10: no lantern, you e'd the wrong way and you missed your hook xD Joetri10: why naut in mid? Joetri10: surely not Joetri10: guess not Joetri10: yeh none of you guys move in Joetri10: its impossible for me Joetri10: it was like that last time too Joetri10: its done Joetri10: baron is the end Joetri10: go next, this is just a waste of 10 minutes now Joetri10: na its over Joetri10: they'll get drake whenits up too Joetri10: its done Joetri10: see i told you Joetri10: its because the engage isnt there and the disengage is there Joetri10: i cant go for jhin when they can shut it Joetri10: and none of you guys can reach jhin otherwise Joetri10: their comp just beats this Joetri10: thats it Joetri10: thats soul Joetri10: just accept the loss m8 Joetri10: its no ones fault but the comps Joetri10: the comp Joetri10: the team comp Joetri10: it loses to this Joetri10: accept it Joetri10: or stay silver idc
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