I was suspended for intentional feeding, but i feel i was just in doing so

In this game i was suspended for intentional feeding, did i do so? Yes. But please hear me out... At the Champion Select screen i announced that i wanted to play as Ahri but the player who played Kennen intentionally banned Ahri to troll me, when i complained other people on my team just laughed it off... Spamming me with "xD" and such, showing no intention to report Kennen for trolling, if i alone reported Kennen i am 90% sure nothing would come of it since i already did so in the past and it is like i never even made the report, like Riot doesn't even look at them. In the end i get punished for retaliating in the only way possible that was left, and i did so because i knew that people who are in charge for punishing players wouldn't do their job. Because my whole team was laughing it off and didn't want to report Kennen, i feel justified for intentionally feeding to punish my own team, you may feel i am not just, in fact i presume you will, but there is a problem in trolling going unpunished in League, and next time when a similar thing happens to you just remember my case and how you scoffed at it. And to Riot, players like these who intentionally go and troll players into anger are only hurting your game, while you may argue i still made a bad move by feeding you should not only take into account what is your guidelines, but also how people get past them, and what is ultimately not covered by them... yet. I may deserve my punishment, but the troll deserves it too... I ask you this, if somebody robs a house and nobody wants to report the robbery, did the robbery still happen, and is it wrong to punish the robber yourself? By law maybe, but law isn't perfect, and your report system isn't either. (Also in the game i was cursed at and was called a %%%%%%ed Polish and all that stuff, which normally wouldn't get by your ban but i digress, that isn't why i am here, and i am not hurt by that, but i thought i should mention it since the other players broke the guidelines too but im sure they weren't punished.)
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